Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let me introduce you to Nathalie Kalbach. She's an amazing mixed-media scrap artist and I've known her for almost 2 years. She's from Germany and she was in NYC last weekend to teach a series of workshops. I've watched, with fascination, her technique-teaching videos. Besides her lovely accent and sweet nature, she's just SO talented. And I LOVE watching talented people do their thing. So, when she told me a few months ago (she's also a "SISter" on SIStv) that she was coming to the US of A, I asked Chris about the possibility of planing a little trip to the city so I could take one of Nat's workshops. And he was all for it! YAY! :) So, there she is teaching a workshop featuring an acrylic mini-album using lots of paint techniques. What a great idea for an acrylic album, which is see-through. Wonderful!

I had Chris snap this photo of the two of us after Nat's fabulous workshop. I not only had a blast learning from her and scrapping with her, but I was thrilled to be able to actually meet her in person for the 1st time (and I hope not the last!).

I'm a pretty slow scrapper (but getting better) and so it's no surprise that I didn't finish my mini album while at the workshop. Plus, I added pages to mine, doubling it. BUT - I am now finished and I just wanted to give a little peek of it. Here it is:

I made my book all about a trip to the new Children's Library up in Williamsport - part of the James V. Brown Library that Matthew works at. And, we took Eva up there for the afternoon shortly after it opened. I took a ton a pictures and wanted to scrap them, so thought this mini would be the perfect project for those pictures. Here's a different view where you can see all the layers of the book:

Here's the very first page where you can really see how transparent the pages are. Chris asked me about the little page # stars and they are actually all part of each acrylic page. I just painted them, added numbers and then sealed them with diamond glaze to protect the paint from handling. I know Eva is going to LOVE looking (many times) at this book in which SHE is the star! :) This little book is about 5" x 7" or so - and was just a blast to make.

And here' a shot of the back cover.

I just love all the bright colors. It feels so energetic and fun - just like the time we had at the library! If you'd like to see all the pages up close and personal, just click here to go to the album as posted in my portfolio on SIStv.

Due to the lateness of the hour, that's all I have to say for now! ;)


Nat said...

Love the book! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I had an awesome time! I hope we will meet again. I love the black and white picture of us- could you send this to me- maybe I make a layout :)

Rhi said...

aww, so lovely that you got to meet nat!
and a gorgeous album boot!