Friday, March 06, 2009

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That's my newest digi for the One Little Word prompt - the word this time is "see", though I'm afraid I wrote a little more about "smile" than "see". Can't help it when it comes to Eva. She's just always got a smile for whoever comes her way. Even when we go to church, I'm just amazed at how she'll go up to complete strangers with her lovely smile and adorable friendliness.

Well, we are the new owners of a Wii. And a Wii Fit. So, there I am at 11:30 last night, ski jumping, hula-hooping and doing a step workout. Yeah. Okay, so if I'm feeling like doing that at that hour, I'm hoping this stuff will really inspire me to get moving at a regular hour! I also did an aerobic workout (albeit short) yesterday using the Wii Personal Trainer DVD. The workout part isn't interactive, but you can keep track with the Wii of WHAT you're doing and it also keeps track of how you're progressing. So, for days when I can't get out for a walk, I'm hoping this will really fill the gap and inspire me. Because I hate going downstairs and working out in the basement (even though it's a lovely, finished room). It's just boring and so much work. Hopefully, this will make it fun ENOUGH to keep me going. I'm going downstairs in a minute to show Chris it all works.

Oh, and if it's any consolation to me - even though I haven't been working out for AGES, I did test out at two years younger than my actual age. Just sayin'. I do hope to improve that number! :)

We're having hot tub headaches again. There's a leak and Chris has determined that it's in one of the pumps. Hopefully, it can be repaired for a reasonable price because I'm not ready to let the hot tub go just yet. I still REALLY enjoy it. But I'm not willing to pay tons of $$$ to get it fixed, either, since I'm still reeling from the winter electric bills that the hot tub and the very cold winter are most likely responsible for. Where's that global warming when you need it?

With that, I'm off my duff and up to go get the's over 40 degrees! Yay!

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