Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is over, the company's all gone home and Chris is out having a personal shopping day so, I'm home alone with a whole day before me. And it's a day in which I don't even have to cook, which makes it a REALLY good day! :) We're taking the fam out for dinner tonight, in lieu of a trip to NYC. The trip just wasn't working out for everyone and, as it turns out, I couldn't have gone anyway with this lovely little broken toe I acquired last week. Sigh.

Both Chris and I have come away from all the holiday craziness with colds. He managed to get himself up and out before I got out of bed this morning. I took drugs. Nyquil and Advil Cold & Sinus. And, consequently, I had a pretty good night's sleep and feel a lot better this a.m.

It's a gorgeous, sunny day out there - but back to cold again. I heard it was quite warm yesterday, but I came home from church and, with the house empty and quiet, fixed my lunch (including lots of cookies) got the crossword out of the paper and totally CRASHED. It took me forever to wake up from the sugary stupor I fell into. But when I did, I went downstairs and curled up in front of the TV and Chris and I finally got around to watching Elf. SO funny! I felt worse and worse as the night went on, though. Hence, the before bed drugs. I guess all my crashing was needed because of the brewing cold.

So, now I'm ready for coffee #2 and a visit to SIStv and then into my scraproom with me. It's SUCH a mess in there. It's been very well used these past weeks. I've been doing a "December" photo-journal. I'm loving doing it and it will be such a nice album to have. I also need to get caught up on all my December ATC's. And I just want to clean up in general in there. I've really got an urge to go through all my supplies and purge and simplify. I need to go with that urge when I've got it! I'm feeling the urge to take down all the Christmas decorations - including the tree - as well. But Chris wants it up until after the New Year. Since we'll be gone on New Year's day - then January 2nd it all comes down! I love a new year!

May your new year be filled with blessings and possibilities and all you hope for!

Friday, December 12, 2008

How would you like to help someone in need this holiday season without even spending a cent? All you have to do is go to my friend, Courtney's blog here and leave a comment and she will donate a can of food for each comment received. I love Courtney and I would love to make her have to rent a U-Haul for all of the cans! Please go and do a simple thing to help others...

PLUS, I am committing to making a difference myself. My local Wegman's has a "check out hunger" program every holiday season where you can make a donation to local people in need as you check out and I am committing to donate one dollar for EACH comment I get on MY blog - about whatEVER! Just let me know you're here and I will donate a dollar for each comment I receive to THIS post by December 21st. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU! And may we each be truly thankful for all that we have - which is SO much more than SO many! :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Here it is! SIStv's newest collection - The Girl Next Door. It's very festive and girly and features MY very most favorite winter color combination. It's PERFECT for all your holiday projects and - what I love is that it's PERFECT for all your winter projects, too! (See some of both, below.) You can purchase it at the SIStv Boutique now! Enjoy!

Monday, December 08, 2008

(As always, click on photo for a larger image)

So - I've been a busy girl! Okay, not decorating my house, like I was supposed to be, but, still. I found out last week that, due to the fact that SIStv doesn't really have a digi boutique anymore, and us "digi" FGirls (Fashionistas; Design Team members, etc.) weren't getting much to work on, and a few of the other girls have left the team for various reasons, I'm now a "regular old" Fashionista. Which means I will get the full-on SIStv paper collections with which I will make lovely layouts and projects in an effort to promote said collection and inspire members of SIStv. (I'm SO excited about this, too!) SO - my first collection came on Thursday and it's releasing this week, so I needed to get busy scrapping. Oh, what a hard, hard world I live in.... And those are the layout/projects I made with the collection. It's called "The Girl Next Door". The red, aqua and white are my very FAVORITE winter color combo.

In other news, I had just a lovely day yesterday. Well, it did start out nicely with a great Praise Sunday service. But I had to come home and drink a whole entire gallon of salty/sweet laxative liquid. Do you KNOW how much a gallon is? I daresay, not too many people drink that much liquid in a weekend, much less ONE day. It was definitely a matter of mind over matter, but I got through it. I started at about 12:30 when I got home from church and forced down the last glass around 7:30. UGH!!! I performed its intended purpose quite nicely - which, shall I say, made for quite a restless afternoon. I had to get up at 6 a.m. this morning to perform other bowel-related duties before being whisked off for my 2nd ever colonoscopy. Now THAT part was a breeze! We stopped for lunch at Perkins afterwards and I've been living in a little envelope of comfy, cozy fuzziness ever since. I could definitely go down and take a little nap. I need to make one card first and then I will. They told me not to do ANYthing today, nor to make any decisions, but I don't think they were referring to me deciding which patterned paper or stamp design to use... I think I'll be fine! They did remove a small polyp and some surrounding tissue, so I'll find out Monday at the dr's. whether or not I have six months or less to live or not ... I'm not worried. :)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy December! First of all, feel free to click on a Christmas song over here -----> to get you in the mood! (Click "pop out" for more selections. And thanks Jody F., cuz I pretty much stole your entire playlist!) :)

I'm starting a new project today - December daily photos. And there's my first one. Yep. All the decorations have been brought downstairs and tomorrow I'll start the process - and for me it IS a process - of decorating. First up will be clearing all the decks of whatever is adorning all the display spaces at present. That in itself is a chore. Then I'll begin taking stuff out of the Christmas boxes (kinda like opening presents in and of itself!) and setting it all on my dining room table (yay! no cooking this week!). Some stuff goes in the same place year after year, but I also like to change things up, too. And, since we haven't been home for Christmas for the past two years and, therefore, I haven't decorated - and in the meantime we've purchased new living room furniture that involves fewer tables - it will be a bit of a challenge this year to see where everything will go. I may be thinning out some of the stuff, just keeping what I really really love. And that's as it should be, anyway.

On "black Friday" we went green. M&M and Chris and I went in search of trees to tag. We had success at the first place we stopped (our previous supplier no longer is...). We both ended up tagging frazier furs - theirs is a sweet size - not to small, but not too big. We got what I would guesstimate as about a 9-footer. I wanted to go big, but not dangerous this year and we tried to get something not too fat! Here's ours:
Purty, huh?
And, finally, here's a group shot of the fam and friends that we were blessed to have sitting all together around those two rented tables and 13 chairs. (A WONderful solution and one I'm SO glad I thought of.) As I sat down to eat with the buzz of everyone around me chowing down, conversing and enjoying each other, my heart felt truly full. And then, later, my stomach did, too. :)

So enough computer for one day. I have projects to finish and projects to start and tabletops to clear - and not enough time left in the day! As usual.