Saturday, March 07, 2009

Okay, can I just brag for a minute, please? This girl - I'm so proud of her! That's my daughter-in-law, Martha, married to my oldest, Matthew. She's the chef at Old Forge Brewing Company. And there's this guy - a "micro-brewery" or "brewpub" reviewer I guess you could call him. He travels all over PA sampling the beer AND the food of brew pubs. Most brewpubs, for whatever reason, have unusually good food, which is good for me because Chris is, like, magnetically attracted to brewpubs whereEVER we go. We could take a trip to Lower Slovobia and Chris will find a brewpub. He loooooves microbrews. But I can't stand beer. I've tried, but I just do NOT like it no way no how. Period. So, because of this brewpub obsession of Chris's, I get dragged into MANY a brewpub. But never fear because I am always the oh, so happy recipient of (most always) excellent food. So I'm down with the brewpubs. But......I digress.

So, anyway, the reviewer guy, Lew Bryson, has a very well-read blog called "Seen Through a Glass" and he's finally gotten around to reviewing Martha's (well, Damien's) restaurant. Even though I've linked you up to his blog, I'm gonna quote the good part here. Because my Martha is responsible for all the food (and none of the beer) at the restaurant. And Lew says:
One more stop: Old Forge Brewing, in Danville. Wanted to get here for months now, and I have: worth the trip. Great, simple place, well-populated even at 4 on a Wednesday afternoon. I got the alt, and it was good: proper hop bite, not over-alcohol'd, not too much hop aroma; maybe a bit dark, maybe a bit sweet, but Damien said he was aware of that and on top of it, this was the first batch. I did get a glass of Sensessionale, and it was excellent session stuff, a definite all-day sucker.

What really put us both away, though, was the food. I'd been told the menu was simple but well-executed, and man, was that true. Best $6 quesadilla I've ever had, perfectly done, cheesey, chicken, thin-sliced apple, just great. And the soft pretzels are very German, big, soft, chewy-tasty (and made the WaWa 'soft pretzel' I had on the way to Philly Beer Geek last night taste like a hard sponge); made at a Mifflinburg bakery. Great eats.

Is that not the coolest? Like I said - I'm so proud! :)

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