Friday, March 13, 2009

We're having a contest over at SIStv and the theme is spring green. Of course, I can't enter the contest because I'm a little to "close" to the management, being on the design team and all. But that doesn't mean I can't make a layout. Plus, I wanted to support my fellow Design Team Sister, Amy Tan(gerine) and incorporate a little stitching into my layout for her challenge at The Creative Type.

I wasn't really liking this layout for part of the day. But then, I put on some music and pulled out some pretties and ended up really loving it! Love it when that happens!

We've been going Wii crazy around here. Oh my gosh - I never thought moving could be so fun! Last night Chris and I were playing tennis and Dustin came up and we did the bowling. SO fun. And frustrating! Just like REAL bowling! :) Chris brought home the dance "game" from Sam's tonight - at my request. I just think it will be lots of fun and I've always wanted to play with that. I also LOVE the balance games on the Wii Fit. It all makes me want to "exercise" and that can't be a bad thing!

BUT - I'm still really yearning to get out walking more. Last weekend - when it was 55-plus degrees, it was such a joy to get out. I'd even like to try getting to bed earlier - gradually - so I can get up and walk when the sun's coming up. That's really my favorite time of day.

Speaking of getting to bed earlier, here I am blogging at 1:07 A.m. Geesh. I must not stop over at the computer on my way to bed! I'm outta here!


Kent said...

Wow - that's some stitching! Love all the details! Thanks for playing with us over at The Creative Type!

Louise said...

Sheesh Jan this is Wonderful!! :)

Lou x

judean said...

wowza, this is just gorgeous--I'd frame it and hang it on the wall!

Stephanie Baxter said...

Wow, it's beautiful!