Saturday, October 21, 2006

This is the lovely, homey, Cedar Run Inn. It's a rare jewel plunked down in the middle of the Pine Creek valley in north-central PA.

This is Pine Creek, which is just adjacent to the Inn. That's the lawn of the Inn you can just see at the very right. On the other side of the Inn is the rails-to-trails bike path which provides miles and miles of non-stop gorgeous scenery for your biking or walking pleasure.

North of where the Inn is located is what is known as the PA Grand Canyon. We drove along the west rim of the canyon (on what we lovingly refer to as the "west wim woad") on Friday. It was a dreary and rainy day, but just as we got to this vista, the sun broke out and lit up this mountain for a spectacular photo op!

All this is part of the three day annual trip we take here. We've done it for four years now. It's such a wonderful, relaxing time, regardless of the weather. The color this year was probably the best we've seen it. And, while there was a bit of rain, that just gave us all the more chance to relax. We did get a nice long walk in and a short bike ride. And, of course, naps. We love the naps. We had a chance to read and play a game. And the food served at the Inn is just fabulous. Food is where they really shine. The salmon dish I had was perfected over months by the owners' son (also the chef) and is absolutely the BEST salmon dish I've ever had. It's just a never-ending burst of flavor right up to the last bite. I didn't even want to eat the last bite - I wanted to save it and take to bed with me - just to cuddle and enjoy as long as possible. Sick, I know. Well, I did eat it, but I hated to see it come to an end.

And we always hate to see our fall trip to Cedar Run come to an end... But it does in a most delightful way. Chris's dad and sister and husband come up to join us in a nearby town for their Oktoberfest meal. Also quite tasty. No, it's not all about food - but close!
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