Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Scrapping again!

It feels sooooo good to be scrapping again. Not that I haven't enjoyed working on wedding invitations and an album project I'm in the middle of - but just to scrap a page for the love of it. It's so great.

I like to go to The Dares for inspiration and did that for the page here. The challenge was to dust off the old "deco" scissors (the ones that cut the different edges) and use them creatively. I also "scraplifted" (perfectly legal and even encouraged in the scrapping world) a layout from a recent BasicGrey newsletter. So it was fun and I'd been wanting to scrap this photo of Matthew and Martha. Pure scrapping pleasure!

All my invitation papers have arrived, so now I can get to work cranking those babies out. I found out my spring break from college is actually a week later than I thought it was, but that actually will work out better, because we have a concert about 2 hours away in the middle of that week. It would have made getting up for work difficult the next day.

We have a great concert coming up this weekend. Newsboys, Cutlass and Stellar Cart - all rockin' christian bands. And it's right here in Williamsport. And, the really cool part is that we are bringing Dustin and Judy along. Can't wait to share that with them. I know how great the Newsboys are - have seen them in the same venue before. Can't wait!
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy ValenSNOW Day!

Yes, the best present of the day is that the college is closed and I'm OFF today! I LOVE a snow day! Because it's like a bonus day in your life. It's a day you had planned to work, but, now you don't have to, so, you have NO plans!!!! YES! (Fellow scrappers, you know what this means!) Okay, okay, I am going to do the church banking (after I get done foolin' around online), but then there are hours ahead of me that I plan to fill with scrapbooking enjoyment! What could be better?

I'm in LOVE with this ValenSNOW Day!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Check out that gorgeous door!

Actually, it's the same sliding glass door that I posted before - but now it's got the grids in it. Wow. I'm loving the difference this makes! The grids actually make the doors appear larger, more opened up.

And the wedding-beautification project continues. Now that the wedding is actually less than 4 months away, I have to say, I'm beginning to get a little panic stricken. It seems like there's a LOT to do yet. Around here, anyway.

I have made progress on the invitations. I'll post a picture of one when I get them finalized. I love how the "mock-up" turned out. Actually, I did two, but am going to end up doing a combination of the two for the actual invite. I ordered all the paper goods this weekend. (Like double envelopes, invite card, response card and vellum envelope for that.) I just ordered them in plain ecru and then I shall make it beeeee-utiful! I'm excited! M&M are getting the final numbers for me this week, along with just the right wording and then I'm planning on whipping 'em out during my upcoming spring break.

Speaking of break, we may have one around here on Wednesday. There's a potential nor'easter coming with a "plowable" snow expected Tuesday night into Wednesday a.m. I say bring it on! We are WAY overdue for a good snow (and a day off work/college!). I love being snowed in - for a day or so, anyway.

Back to work and then at 3 p.m. I can go gaze through my beautiful new sliding doors!

Friday, February 09, 2007

80 and counting…

Every day since my last blog we’ve gotten cards in the mail (We’ve also received flowers, food, gifts and assorted hugs and verbal expressions of sympathy – so wonderful, but obviously not daily.) But the cards. They keep coming. You wouldn’t think that a little piece of paper with a store-bought saying would mean so much. You wouldn’t unless you would be the recipient of said paper. Because each card, some with personal notes, but some just signed, is like an individual hug from the one that sent it. And in this situation when it’s often so hard to think of just the right words to say, a hug speaks volumes. They are so comforting. If anyone reading this has any doubts about the meaning of sending a card, please let me dispel them all. It’s so worth the small amount of time it takes to do it. It means so much.

How many times have I said to myself, “I think I’ll send a card” and then haven’t done it? It’s such a simple gesture and so easy to do (and I love to make cards in my spare time!). I have no excuse. I am humbled and challenged. I will do better.
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