Monday, April 06, 2009

(Credits for this layout can be found here.)

That's my latest digi for One Little Word - "Ready". I really like that these challenges are causing me to think and to go deeper in my scrapping. That's what I was looking for. So, thanks, ladies, for bringing it each week!

That's what I'm looking for in my weekly ATC cards as well and, no offense meant at all to the ladies that put out the prompts on ScrapGal for Challenge '09, but I just haven't been as inspired as I was last year when I was working off of Emily Falconbridge's ATC prompts from 2007. So, I say if ain't broke, don't fix it. Emily is doing prompts again this year - she's making tags, but they can be used for whatever you want. Obviously, for me, I will continue with ATC's. Her prompts are called 52Q and are on her blog, here. I'm going to try to start today!

Maybe. Because I have a lot to do today and it's already almost noon. I generally give myself the a.m. to do my devo's and then spend time online. But I also need to do the church banking this a.m. (which I ususally do on Thursdays) because we're heading to Madison on Wednesday. I have laundry in the washer that I need to pull out and I need to finish the mini I'm making for my Mom.

Okay - so I'm OFF!
Happy Easter week!


Linda said...

I love this layout. It is gorgeous and I can so relate to your journaling!!
In January I was so also very tired of making excuses and not doing anything about my health and weight. So I took a firm decision to work on it this time, to do something about it. I'm very determined to stick to my new eating habits it and loose weight!! ......guess worked :-). I almost half way but I feel so much better. Clothes fit well and I don't have to hide and cover up all the time.
So you go for it lady!! You are so ready. Good luck & God bless!
Linda x

Sandrine Deleuze said...

I just foudn you by OLW blog... I so love the layout you made "I am ready" it's like you wrote he journaling for me ! I soooooooooo sooooolove your journaling ! it talks to me ! it's me !! Thanks for sharing ! and if you love we could help each other to reach this goal... we are ready for changes !! Smooches from Belgium

Joanie said...

Stunning layout! I am right there with you on the journaling!
I love your blog and will be hanging out...please come visit mine when u get a chance!

Chris said...

Great layout - so inspiring! BTW, I think you're beautiful just the way you are!