Friday, March 20, 2009

Well, there's two very different pages for you! As always, you can click on the image to see it more closely. Credits for the digi page (the top one) are here. The top one is my layout for One Little Word (the word is "Real"). The bottom one is my submission to a scrapping magazine gallery for their "Make It Yours" challenge.

Oh, um, YAY SPRING! Yes! Today is the day. And although it's quite chilly outside here right now, it's supposed to be gorgeous for the next several days with temps near and into the 50's. Can we take our snow tires off now, do ya think? I'm SO over winter!

Tomorrow we're heading to New York City. I'm super excited to be meeting a long-time SIStv friend of mine, Nat Kalbach. She joined SIStv just 3 days after me and I've been a huge fan of her AND her work ever since. She's from Germany and she's stateside right now to teach some workshops. So Chris and I have made a little NYC trip planned around this workshop that I'm going to take from Nat on Sunday. I'm CAN'T wait!

First on our agenda to the city, though - Saturday evening - will be dinner at Nino's. Chris (and my mom) and I discovered this treasure quite by accident many years ago when we were at The View (top of the Marriott in Times Square) one afternoon and discussing where to have dinner that night. A friendly New Yorker (and I've discovered most are!) recommended Nino's and it's been our very favorite ever since. I've lost count of how many times we've eaten there, but every time I do, I have "the best meal I've ever had". Truly. And the best service. There's NOTHING like fine NYC dining service. Those of us in northeast PA have NO idea what good service really is if we're only eating around here. Sorry, but it's true.

Sunday a.m. we'll get up in time to get me to my class and then after that I think we're gonna tool around in Central Park, since we'll be staying on the west side near there. I haven't seen much of the north part of the park, so that will be cool. I will definitely have my camera with me. We're kind of open for dinner Sunday night, but we're thinking about an Irish Pub. We'll see. I love playing it by ear, but you have to be careful in the city because there's SO much to choose from that you can waste a LOT of time making a decision and then end up rushing around and missing out. The night will be ours, though. We can stay up late and sleep in Monday.

And then Monday we'll head over the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We'll be able to spend a good four hours there - a drop in the bucket, really, but that's about all the museum I can bite off in one chunk anyway. Can we say Ibuprofen?

So tomorrow morning I'll do my packing. Packing for NYC is always sort of a conundrum for me. I don't want to look tourist-y. But, yet, my feet MUST be comfortable. It's hard to look urban in sneakers. Unless they're way cool sneakers, which mine are not. And I need to be careful of what I wear for my workshop because there WILL be paint involved. But I don't want to go in sweats and a tee shirt, which is what I most definitely would be wearing around here if I were scrapping - especially using paint. So that will be a challenge. I think I've got the Nino's outfit figured out. And for the museum, sneakers for SURE! At least we're driving and I don't have to worry too much about hauling a heavy suitcase. My valet (Chris) will be dropping me off and picking me up at the door... :)

Unfortunately, Chris's computer acquired a major virus and so it's being fixed. The guy is very familiar with the bug, but Chris got it bad and the fix will take longer than expected. So we may not be able to take the laptop into the city, which will be a bummer, because it's really handy. And also because I'll be out of touch with SIStv and fb and email and all my "fixes". Hopefully, I can run up and get it Saturday a.m. before we leave.

So, I'm off to squeeze in a little exercising and scrapping before going out to eat with friends tonight. Hope your weekend is great!

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Nat said...

Hi Sweets- it was so wonderful to see you! I will post photos soon!!!!