Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We're back from our family reunion in Blackwell, trying to adjust to civilization again (not that we didn't make our own very populated little civil gathering!). Here are just a few (I took almost 300) of the photos I took that highlight what we mostly did...

As always, there was the painting of the rocks. We painted more than ever this year and managed to get paint everywhere! That's Katryn, Angie's daughter, there.

Martha made those hula hoops - they're quite heavy and "really" for adults. Heh. These two obviously had no trouble spinning them around, though. That's Zoey, Richard's daughter and Amily (yes, with an "A"), Richard's girlfriend, Cathy's daughter.

And there was corn hole (though we like to call it bean hole 'cuz there's beans in them thar bags). Constant bean hole. I got this cool shot of John flinging one...

I had my face behind the camera for MUCH of the time (hence, you won't find any photos of me - but that's okay!). I got this stunning photo of the tiger lily that was growing next to our cabin.

Chairs and blankets were lined up along the bank and grown-ups and kids alike watched all the constant activity in this fabulous swimming hole. The Barlow family pretty much represented in the pond all day every day... That's Kerry with her daughter Emmy and son Thomas.

There were some huge fish to be seen by means of snorkeling. The creek was really clear the whole time. That's Matthew floating around.

Every single person was in the creek at some point or another. One of the big attractions was the raft that floats there. That's Ryan with his son Nicholas, Emily's daughter Eva and his son Thomas.

And there's the fam - at least those that were around for the photo on Sunday. We were missing a few people here and there. And I'm holding the camera...

We had a ball. The weather was just stellar. It rained in the wee hours on Saturday morning and we'd heard it could be an all-day downpour kind of thing. We did lose our power for a little while. But it came back and the sun came out mid-morning and it turned out to be just a gorgeous day.

Now my focus is on our 30th anniversary picnic/celebration at church. I'm kind of in charge of planning it. And it's this Sunday, so I'm working on that. And we are having a bridal shower for Emily at my house Sunday evening. So, yes, a very busy week ahead.

I'll check in on the other side...

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