Saturday, August 16, 2008

This little darlin' is gonna be my daughter-in-law two weeks from today! Wow! It's not going to be hard to make the leap because she's been kinda like a daughter to me for oh so many years, being my BFF's daughter. I've known her since she was about 5 years old. Who woulda thunk it? We had a little shower for her last Sunday night. It was fun and sweet and the first of many wedding activities and celebrations.

Dang! I gotta get something to wear!

Last Sunday we also had the big 30th anniversary celebratory picnic that I've been planning and thinking about for months. Whew! It went great and the balloon release at the end was really, really cool. The weather cooperated (even tho it was forecasted to be nasty). We even had one of our balloons found this past week - in Friendsville, PA of all places. That's in eastern PA near the NY border. Cool!

So this week, I've had breather. Yes! I had a new tutorial go up over at SIStv on Monday. The formatting didn't do what it was supposed to do, but other than that, it's fine. And then I hosted two "Fashionista Chat Hours" this week. One Monday a.m. and the other Wednesday p.m. That was fun and I had a great time getting to know some of the SISters better. I also had a haircut/pedi this week, got groceries and then escorted Chris to the oral surgeon to have every last one of his teeth yanked out of his mouth. Yep. He's entered the world of dentures. Sigh. But he's doing really well. Although, I haven't seen him yet this a.m. He was not in the bed when I got up, so I'm assuming he went downstairs and got on the recliner to sleep because he was probably having a hard time sleeping or maybe was getting some pain. I haven't disturbed him yet.... No, I'm not a bad wife. He just really likes to manage these kind of things himself if possible.

And, for some odd reason, it's been the week of broken things. This week, we have gone out and replaced the following things that were either already broken or unexpectedly just broke:

Toaster Oven
Toilet (this started out as a "fixing the leak project" and ended up with no less than 4 trips to the hardware store and a new toilet. 'nuff said...)

And - my favorite, even though I won't use it -

A new Cuisinart RED coffee maker. Doesn't it look so great with my red cupboards? I love it! :) (I, myself, drink my coffee from a senseo single pod coffee pot, because Chris makes the coffee too strong for me and, frankly, he just uses crappy coffee. Maybe this will inspire him to use better stuff...)

Oddly, I haven't done as much scrapping this week as I'd hoped. I did finish the little '07 Family Reunion quiz album. It's mostly about the quiz - not the most intricate thing I've ever made, but I wanted to keep it simple. And then I've been cleaning up my scraproom which had been a horrible mess after several projects and also doing some digi organizing (inspired by my own tutorial!). I love to organize almost as much as I love to scrap and rarely get time for it. So, I've been going that route this week. I'm also working on getting caught up with my ATC's - using bits and pieces from recent projects - many of which are on my desk. But, really, not too much to show for all that.

Here's the opening page and one of the pages of the reunion quiz book (for the benefit of someone that actually reads this blog!) :)

(As always, if you click directly on the image, you can make it larger - to read...)

So, I have quite a few scrapbook pages swimming around in my head. After I put the song service for tomorrow together, I'm going to go get lost in my scrap room for a whole week! Oh, I was checking out at the grocery store and had bought a digital scrapbooking magazine and the (very) elderly woman that was bagging my groceries looked at it, shook her head and said, "what IS this scrapbook thing?". Ayyyyye yiyi. Get with the program woman! Even she should know that it's not like the concept is all that new, ya know? I happily educated her, but I don't think she was feelin' it. Oh well....

Happy Saturday!

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