Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is what I hoped for. This is what I feared wouldn't happen. Okay. I know it looks like a dog and a cat. But it's a dog that's never lived with a cat and a cat that's never lived with a dog. Yeah. I'm sure The Dog thinks The Cat is a dog and The Cat thinks The Dog is a cat. (I say this because earlier today when I called, "here, kitty, kitty, kitty", guess who came running?)

But that's okay. I was afraid The Cat would be hunkered up in a ball in our bedroom - where The Dog can't get in. I was afraid he'd be so freaked out he'd never come out again, he wouldn't eat, he'd be sad and unhappy. I was afraid this might end his life as we knew it - because, at age 14, he's still a pretty frisky kitty sometimes.

But, the scene above actually takes place in the very same living room. Okay, they're on opposite sides of the couch and can't really see each other. But still. I witnessed an amusing scene this morning where The Dog approached The Cat a leeetle too enthusiastically and The Cat stood his ground, swiping his de-clawed and completely unsharp (but what does he know?) paw at said dog, who then ran away. The Dog didn't give up completely, though and returned and a very lethargic "chase" took place around the chair. Neither of them really cared that much and they were both willing to let the whole thing go. So The Cat has been downstairs pretty much the whole day. This isn't all that new. The Cat made an appearance and encountered The Dog on, like, the second day of his arrival here. They were both snuggled up to their respective owners on the same (granted, very large sectional) couch on, like, day three.

So, really, my fears have never come to fruition. And I'm so glad. I just want everyone to be happy... :)

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