Saturday, August 23, 2008

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Just a quickie post after another whirlwind couple of days - kinda. Well, I've been "tied up", but not "busy". No, wait. That just doesn't sound good. I've had something going on for two days - but it's been stuff that's involved a lot of sitting around. Okay, I'll explain.

We watched Eva all day yesterday. Not only do I find it difficult to try to "work" (which for me involves either housework, or church stuff, or banking, or scrapping - on or off the computer - or website time) while Eva is around, but I don't really want to do anything but spend time with her when she's here. So that's what I did. I took lots of photos of her doing whatever she was doing all day.

And, as soon as her mom came for Eva, we grown-ups all took off for a night of fun at a great local amusement park, Knobel's Grove. For me, this involves a lot of eating and a lot of people watching and hardly any ride riding. Rides make me sick. Literally. I can do stuff like the merry-go-round or the ferris wheel. But that's it pretty much. So, I'm like the mommy watching her little children ride and laugh and go again and again and again. And I'm fine with that. And last night it was probably the most crowded I've EVER seen it. Which made for GREAT people-watching. Hoo boy.

Today, we've all been feeling a little, shall we say, SLUGgish... Yeah, a truckload of junk food will do it to ya every time. Unfortunately, all the walking around doesn't seem to counteract the overingestion of the crapfood. Ew.

So, I siezed THIS day to get some digi scrapping done and to get caught up on the website. And just got done with that. That's pretty much all I've done all day except for taking the dog up with me to get the mail. And I almost missed that, too, because I waited so long that Chris was coming home just as I was approaching the mailbox. But he left it in there, at my request, so I didn't feel that my walk was without purpose...

So, now, dinner time is fast-approaching. It's a quick-food extravaganza: Frozen chicken cordon-bleu, canned green beans and an instant rice mix.

Hey! I'm hungry!

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