Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Wednesday! And a happy Wednesday it will be! The kids (M&M) return from MA this evening and we - and when I say we, I especially mean Taco - are anxiously awaiting their return... It's just been too quiet around here and, besides, I getting tired of eating the same old, same old... I need a chef, er, the kids here for some culinary inspo! Besides, Chris just had all his teeth yanked out and it's no fun cooking for two...

I'm SO enjoying a fairly relaxing week this week. Ahhhhhh. I did have my annual dr.'s appointment. I have a battery of lovely tests lined up - mammogram, bone density scan (never had one of those before, but if it doesn't cause pain or embarassment, then I'm down with it) and the dreaded colonoscopy. Well, I guess I don't dread it that much, because I won't remember a thing and where else can you fart to your heart's content and be praised for it? Nice. And I have to fast this evening because I go for bloodwork bright and early tomorrow. WHY, oh why did I make that appointment so dadgum early? OH! I I wouldn't have to wait forever for my coffee...

In other exciting news, I'm also working on the gift bags for the wedding. I won't give away what they are, but let's just say they're bright and PLAYful! :)

Chris is doing pretty well after his transition to dentures. He's re-learning talking and chewing - both really good skillz to know. Today, we (we, meaning I) opted out of a kayak trip because the bathroom downstairs is still in utter disarray and disrepair after last week's toilet fiasco. It's odd how it was the UPstairs toilet that needed repair, but the DOWNstairs bathroom that got trashed. (Chris had to tear apart the paneled ceiling downstairs in order to get to the pipes.) Normally, I would have let this unsightlyness go, but since next week is wedding week and we're hosting a large dinner on Friday night, and I've lived with Chris for 33 years and am well aware of how things go down, I just felt the need to push to get that project completed TODAY. Just sayin'... Oh, and what I really meant to say is that just shows how gooooood Chris is doing!

And, in light of all my "free" time lately, which I've been LOVING, I've also been getting some scrapping done! Here's my latest completed project:

This was prompted by a couple things. First, we just celebrated our church's 30th anniversary and, at the same time, our pastor's 20th anniversary at the church. Pretty phenominal! Well, I just love him and wanted to do a layout of him using this photo taken at a recent outing to World's End State Park. Secondly, I recieve BasicGrey's newsletter monthly in which they always provide a "sketch" to use to inspire a layout. Then, you can submit it to their gallery to be posted for all the world to see. Well, okay, all the scrapbooking world, anyway. Here it is at their gallery... You can click on the thumbnails for a closer view.

So, next, I'm feeling some digi scrapping coming on... I'm off!

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