Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yep. That's the harsh reality. And especially since we just got back from AZ, where the temps weren't exactly tropical, but the 50's we had seem almost tropical now! The thing is, it wasn't that cold before we left. We'd had a little snow, but none of these super cold temps yet. Ah well. The only compensation is that it's gorgeous with the snow and the blue, blue sunny sky. This is when you get to wear sweaters and your pretty new scarves and make soup and hunker down under the cozy blankie with a good book.

Well, none of that for me today, though. I'm glad I tackled our virtual MOUNTAIN of receipts from the holidays yesterday and got that banking done. It was brutal, but in the words of Tim Gunn (Project Runway), I was able to "make it work". :) Today I have the church banking before me and I have to go up to Williamsport for a haircut. Afterwards, I do sense there will be some hunkering time, but it will be in front of the tube because there's 3 hours worth of scrapbooking "stuff" on QVC this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. NOT that I need to buy a thing. I actually doubt that I will. But I still love to look at it all and they do tips and demos and stuff. I just find it fun. And a good thing to do on a cold day.

Hey, I've started a new blog project. I've taken on a challenge where you take a photo a day, do a little journaling about the day's prompt and then scrap a page a week and do a journaling summary once a month. I'm doing the whole bit digitally. Why not? Here's the link to my new blog - which, obviously, I WILL be updating every day. You can also get to it from the link list at the right on this page.

I'm off to cut and hunker!

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mary said...

dear Jan - Congratioms from MomKeep me posted.