Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yeah. I know. I'm a DORK! But I'm in good company! (Of course, it's entirely possible that two of them up there inherited it from ME.) Oh well. At least I'm a happy dork! This page was soooo fun to make and it was especially great getting my hands on paper and glue again.

The day started with a few light flurries, but now it's sunny and that always makes me feel more energetic - well, at least in the winter, anyway! It's in the 20's today - better than the single digits and 10's of last week. Although it remains pretty cozy and comfy inside. BUT - this has been some GORgeous hot tub weather. (Yes NOW is peak season for hot-tubbing!) The "hot tub guy" came yesterday and is going to phone today with the hopefully not too shocking price of the new part we need to order. I don't know why Chris is even having him call first. Is there even an option that we won't pay whatever it takes to get that thing fixed? Get real! I just hope the pipes, etc. don't freeze up. He's got some lamps on full time under there to prevent just that. So whatever $$ we're saving by not heating that water right now is being eaten up by warming the pipes. I just want my hot tub back! Waaa waaaa!

Well, it's banking day and I sure as heck better get started on it!

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