Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This is it. My official list of goals for 2008. And, with this post, this is the LAST time I'm going to scrap/journal/blog about it! I did this page for the 365 Challenge. You can visit my new "other" blog, 2008-366-52-12 by clicking there or anytime at the link on the right. (No, that's not a blurry picture of me there, it's an "artistically altered" picture. I look better that way.)

Not that weather is my life, but, my oh my, how things have changed since my last post on this blog! The temps have risen to the point where it was 50 overnight even. How do you like THAT you Rimrockers? Today it's expected to hit 60-something. Woooo hoooo. Now I am under no delusion that this is here to stay. But, I sure will enjoy it while I can! :) And the BEST part of all? Our driveway (and most of our entire little side of the mountain) is completely freed of snow. So, we're starting from scratch. Interesting. Well, at least the UPS guy can get down here this week to deliver a few purchases from the scrapping shows on QVC. (You didn't see that, Chris....). There was a brief mention of a big storm coming in Sunday, so we'll see where that leads. But for now, it's SPRINGtime! :)

I'm doing okay with those goals up there. It's actually good that I've posted them so much, because then I can keep reviewing them. My main problem is that all I want to do is scrap. Whether it's on the computer or in my lovely little haven of a scrap room, I'm consumed. But I also did work out that rough daily schedule that I plan on mostly sticking to (hey, nothing is written in cement in my life - bring on the spontenaity!). One of the main things I need to do that will effect just about everything else on that list is get to bed before midnight. Because when I go up to bed at 2 or 2:30 a.m., you know I ain't gettin' up in the morning until 10. Yeah, 10 seems to be the time, no matter when I go to bed in the wee hours. But, although I love foolin' around on the computer in the wee hours like that (which is all I'm doing - certainly not at all a productive venture), I love getting up early even more. Early as in 7 or 8 a.m. at the latest. I love the mornings. I really do love early morning - like 6 a.m., but I'd have to go to bed (and sleep) at, like 10 p.m. for that to happen. And I just can't sleep at that hour...

I am slowly getting rid of the junk food in the house. Some is going in me, most in the trash. I have to continue on that path. Some stuff that I don't think I'll snitch has been relegated to Chris's office. Just having to go in there is deterrent enough for me.... Next, we have to sit down and start planning some meals again. And when I get groceries and start cooking better meals, that's where the big change will come. Though, I have been eating more fruit. The going to bed at midnight, again, will also prevent the munching at the computer in the wee hours, too. See? Gotta get to bed earlier!

The walking isn't going so great since I'm having toe issues. And now an old ankle injury (on the other foot) has been rearing its ugly head. But I'm not giving up. I hope to get up to get the mail today. Thank goodness for a long driveway. If I can at least walk that, that will be something! And a dog would help, too. Then we'd have to take it out for a walk. It's surprising to me how often that conversation has come up lately. (Thanks, Taco). When I'm weak, Chris is strong and when he's weak, I'm strong. I think we both agree that, as much as he loves corgi's, they're too big and heavy to have with our leather couches and not as portable as a smaller dog would be. I'd want something we could take everywhere with us. We've agreed that IF we're going to get a dog - which, at this point we're NOT - we would rescue one from the shelter because then we'd be able to see what it's little personality is like ahead of time. We're not into surprises that much anymore...

Gotta get going here. There's scrapping and playing and reading and walking to be done!

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"the other" Mrs. Barlow said...

Ya know if you got a little doggie WE could take care of it when you're gone...unless of course we all go somewhere together, but then they wouldn't be lonely 'cuz Taco and you're sweetie could stay TOGETHER.