Friday, January 18, 2008

Wheels! The boy has wheels! Woo hoo! We're SO excited for Dustin. It means FREEDOM in so many ways. Most importantly, it means freedom in his search for a job and freedom in where to work. Hallelujah! This means everything right now. It will be exciting to see where God will lead... And, okay if that's just a "hard labor" job. He just. needs. a. job. Now. Period.

I've been playing with my new camera a little bit. Reading the manual (ugh) and trying this and that. I have SO much to learn and this will now become my personal challenge this year. To get so good at understanding how my camera works, that I can just fly through the different settings, knowing exactly where I'm going with it. That's a good challenge. I think a lot of people may get cameras - even "point and shoot" cameras - and are satisfied with just being able to snap off a photo and never get familiar with all the different settings. I really want to learn my camera...

I'm feeling the effects of a "new" cold. Hate that. Hate the way it makes me feel. (I don't suppose there are very many people that actually enjoy that, though, huh?) I gave up going to the movies last night with Deborah. Dang. I wanted to see that movie, too. (Atonement). Maybe I can get Tina to go with me next week... Today, Dustin and Chris and I are going to see "Cloverfield". We're going to a matinee because Chris wants to see it right away, but without a theatre full of obnoxious teenagers. I know what he means. Sometimes they think it's funny to make stupid comments (loudly) throughout the movie. I don't mind avoiding that myself. Though I do want to mention that, in general, I really enjoy teenagers. :)

So, in keeping with wanting to cook more, and because I had all the fresh ingredients, and even though I feel crappy, I still rallied around and just made some Potato Leek soup for later. I figured I'd feel more like it now than after the movie AND I recruited Chris's help - for a lot of the prep work and clean up, of course! Credit for the wonderful tasting soup will still go to ME! :) AND, in an effort to continue on my "healthy up the lifestyle" goal for the year, I will NOT be partaking in snacks at the movie (especially since we'll have the lovely soup afterwards - not that that would have ever stopped me before...).

We have snow again. About 2-3 inches. It's supposed to snow a little bit each day for the next week or so - and stay quite cold. Okay. If it can look like it does right now most of the time, then I don't care. There's nothing like that beautiful fresh white snow against the deep, clear blue sky in the winter. Love it!

Off to create...(I'm not that sick!)

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