Friday, May 01, 2009

That's my latest digi for One Little Word. The word is journey. You can find the credits here. My Sam is on his way. Well, technically, he's not MY Sam. He's my friend Deborah's Sam. But I've known him since he was a red-haired cryin' baby boy and, gosh, I love him! So, now he's finally busting loose of the apron strings and out on his own. He's going to a great design school in the Chicago area. And I'm SO excited for him! So excited to see what he'll do and where he'll go. I envision him on one of those design shows on HGTV! :)

Well, we just brought Eva here to meet our little Beatrix. So I'm going to go play with them and make some lasagne for dinner! I'm off!


gudrun said...

Oh, I love this LO, Jan. Thanks for playing! :)

Chris said...

Gotta say - awesome LO. Sam would be proud!