Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here's my latest for One Little Word, the word this time being "two". (You can see the credits for this layout here.) I already told the story about how these photo came to be taken in this post. I'm so glad M&M allow me to take their photos - at least some of the time. My other daughter-in-law, who is incredibly beautiful and photogenic really resists the camera. Too bad. Our loss. So, being the shutter bug (and I mean bug!) that I am, I really do appreciate it when I am allowed to snap away...

Okay, I will say I had the most delicious meal yet at the Old Forge Brewing Company last night. It was cajun scallops with roasted red pepper aoli sauce over lemon rice pilaf. Oh my gosh - DEEEEElicious, Martha! And PERFECTly cooked Dustin. (Oh, how I love that my children can create one of my favorite things in life - a great meal!). I actually asked the waitress to convey to the cook (my son) to take it easy on the "cajun". And he presented me with really the perfect amount of seasoning. Because I tried one of Chris's scallops with the full seasoning and it would have been too spicy for me. But mine was perfection and the scallops just melted in your mouth. And the combination of flavors - the cajun, with the aoli and the lemon rice - just WOWser! Really exceptional. Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!

My toe is just about healed and I'm getting all excited about exercising again. Okay, sure, I probably could have found something to do, but I've found that if I take a little break from something sometimes, it really refreshes my motivation to get back into it. Plus, Wii is coming out with a new fitness "game" this week that I totally want to get. It's a circuit training kind of thing that measures your progress and grows with your abilities. Can't wait for that. Wii has definitely changed my level of activity and jump-started my working out again.

It's kinda gloomy out there today. Chris is bringing home Eva after work today - but just til after supper since she's not spending the night tonight. Chris has a seminar tomorrow, so Martha and I made plans to do something I've been dying to do with her, but never have had the opportunity because of my committment on Sundays. But, for the next month, Robby and Emily will be taking over the leading of the song service. That doesn't mean that Chris and I won't go to church at all (though that's the case THIS Sunday...), but it does mean that we have a little freedom to do some other things that have been begging. And we can take this opportunity to sit under Matthew's song leading as well. Love it!

So, anyway, the gloom is really the perfect atmosphere for me to get in my scrap room. If it was gorgeous out, I'd want to be outside.

My biggest dilemma of day is whether to MAKE cookies (for youth group Sunday night) or to have Chris pick some up at the store. I think I'll go ponder my recipes and make up my mind right now. And then get some (paper) scrapping done...


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