Monday, May 04, 2009

A Little Spring Cleaning

Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day! And us Fashionistas were able to put out some challenges on the boards over at SIStv. Oh, there's just a ton of inspiration over there. I wasn't able to get much scrapping done - only a page for my own challenge (which was pretty fun, I might add). But at least I know I can check back to the boards and do some of those challenges some other time. And I will, because they're all awesome! :)

My challenge was to use product from when you first started scrapping - or at least "older" product. AND to use at least one "older" photo on your layout. So I made that layout above. I cracked open some packages that had NEVER seen the light of day - what a good feeling that was! You can read the story about the layout here on my SIStv gallery post. The older photo was taken exactly (according to the flower bloom time) 24 years before the newer photo. I just love BOTH photos to death.

Okay, so I've pulled out my cleaning system cards again. Yes, I'm in the mood, so I'm definitely gonna GO with it! I'm supposed to be cleaning out the fridge and cleaning the toaster oven and can opener today. (In addition to a few daily tasks which I will spare you the mentioning of here. And I plan on doing that. BUT - it gets better - Chris's golfing fell through today because it's raining (yes, I guess it DOES rain on the golf course, after all!) SO now we are going to go through the kitchen cupboards and get rid of crap. I LOVE doing this kind of stuff. So, I'm gonna put on some "removing the crap" music and get started. Cuz, I do have OTHER things to do today as well!


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