Thursday, April 30, 2009

My mind is spinning from all this blog stuff! I think I'm beginning to understand - but now I sure do wish I'd learned HTML when I was going to...

Our new little girl (Beatrix the kitten) is doing SO well. While she and Rocky are not best of buds yet, she has eaten and is exploring the first floor a little. She didn't cry one bit last night. I set up a "cave" for her (i.e. a box with a soft towel) on the couch and she likes to nap in there. I keep putting her in the bathroom - where I also have her food and water right now - and she's doing fine finding her way in and out. That's good. And she is warming up to me as well. She's at my feet right now. She actually comes to me and she was purring with me a minute ago. So all is well.

Now, I've GOT to get to my banking! This computer stuff is majorly eating up my time!

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