Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey! Notice anything, um, NEW??? I'm taking a class from SIStv called "Bling Our Your Blog (2.0)". I've been so wanting a 3-column blog and to learn how to truly make it my OWN. Sooo. Here I am. I've had a bit of a time with adjustments and stuff, but I'm good with it. And the class continues all week, so I imagine it's just going to get better!

In other news - wow - so much is going on! First of all, Richard's little son, Sebastian Thomas, was born to Cathy yesterday:

I just love that big smile on Kellie's face. I know this grandson brings the life of Richard right back to her, to us. And that is a huge blessing.

We're getting a new addition to the family as well - TODAY! Check out this cutie-pie:

Oh my goodness - is that not the cutest little kitten? She will be all ours before the day is out. I think we might name her Beatrice. My friend Tina's granddaughter named her "burnt toast". :) Martha loves the name toast, but I'd like something a little more feminine. We'll see. :)

Speaking of cuteness, how about this gooey sweetness:

Awwww. We were going out for the day on Monday - Martha's birthday - and all the little flowers were out in the cemetary at the end of our driveway. And I mentioned how I had the cutest picture of Matthew and Dustin when they were little laying in those flowers. So, of course, we had to stop and re-create the sweetness...

Here's the original photo:

That's Matthew on the right, Dustin on the left. This was taken in 1985, so 24 years ago. Matthew was 7, Dustin was 5. Sooooooo cute! Hahahaha!

Okay, one more adorable thing to throw at you. And that's my latest layout from the SIStv Drama Queen collection. Chris took the photo of Eva:

We had a fun "hawaiian" themed party for Martha's birthday Sunday night. The weather MORE than cooperated, because it was actually HOT! But that's okay! It made for one of the most lovely summer evenings - in APRIL. Amazing. We had a great time. And I just have to show you one more photo of the beautiful birthday girl:

Pretty, pretty girl. We love her... :)

Well, I think my posterior is permanently attached to my desk chair. And I have more to do! Besides, I think that's all the new stuff a person could handle right now!


MandieGirl said...

JAN! You did an AMAZING job here! Great, great, GREAT!!!! Love it!

Carolyn Ward said...

Jan - Love the new look! Great job. And liked what you had to share, today, too.