Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wait! It's Wednesday already? Good grief, this month is gonna fly by, too, isn't it?

First, I want to post a couple of projects. I got the new SIStv collection, Drama Queen, the night before we left for Madison, but do you think that stopped me from staying up into the wee hours working on a layout? Of course not! And here's the one I made of my little Eva:

I had already set aside this photo to scrap with some other papers, but when I got the collection, I thought it went perfectly with what I had in mind. Now I need to get some play time in with the rest of the collection!

Right before I went to Madison, I also whipped up this mini for my mom using our 2008 year in review photos:

I pulled out an older BasicGrey mini book and papers for that one. I think it went perfectly with all my photos. You can see the whole thing in my SIStv portfolio here.

So, I think we had a really great visit with my mom in Madison. It went super fast! (That seems to be theme of this post!) I took Mom to an appointment with her surgeon - Chris and I went, along with Gail. What a wonderful man. He was so patient and kind and understanding of Mom's situation. He reiterated what he had told Mom back in September when I was there. Mom just has a really hard time coming to grips with it all. No more walking. Her mode of transport will always be a wheelchair - or a power chair. And she will require 24/7 care for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, that's very expensive, so there needs to be some investigation into how to do that the most economical way. Unfortunately, Mom can't get to that because she's still refusing to believe what the dr. has told her. It's a never-ending cycle of why's and how's and I wont's and it's preventing her from doing what she really REALLY needs to do.

I even made a layout about it today! The new word up at One Little Word is "no". Here's the page I made:

If you click on the image, you can get closer to read the journaling. I wanted to make it kind of old-fashioned looking. I love that quote on there, too. Perfect for Mom. I'll send it to her in a card...

In other news, Dustin and Emily and Eva haved moved to a new rental. Actually, it's an older home in Muncy - very "historical" looking inside and out. I'm surprised at how filled up they have it! We were over there painting in the kitchen tonight, which needs to be completed before they can put away their kitchen stuff... Oy.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to having "tea" (real tea, all you FGirls...) with my friend, Tina. After I finish my banking. It's supposed to be in the 60's and then Friday in the 70's. We were planning on kayaking, but I know I'm going to need some time in my scrap room. But, I am looking forward to some time with Tina - and meeting all her little kittens. (Watch out, Chris!). And I'm SO looking forward to flinging my windows open on Friday and airing out my house! I'll be busy scrapping, but that doesn't mean I can't let the air in! Can't wait!

Dang! I feel good. I ate a bunch of stuff I really didn't want to in Madison - proving to myself that I am still very weak and that I simply can't have "junk" in the house. So I decided to fast yesterday. And it went really well. If I gained any weight while I was away, it's gone now! And Martha's right, my scale and the Wii scale do NOT agree! Martha says her scale is the same as the Wii scale and I'm hoping it's right. That means I've lost more than I thought I had! Whew!

Anyway, then on the way home from the airport, we met up with Martha (and Matthew) for dinner and Martha announced that she's giving up sugar until her birthday in a couple weeks. So I figured, what the HECK! So will I! And it's been going great and I'm tellin' ya - I feel excellent. And I wasn't hardly even eating much sugar before. Just the occasional dessert while out (usually splitting it with Chris) and I had some when we had a big dinner here. But, other than that, I don't have ANYthing sweet in the kitchen. (I say that, because Chris does have his personal stash in his office, but I don't touch that...) But now, I'm using agave juice and 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee instead of creamer and sugar. And I'm staying away from stuff that has white sugar in it. Like cereal, peanutbutter, etc. I've already got a nice stash of sugar-free, "natural" and organic stuff, so it wasn't hard at all. Anyway, my point was, dang! I feel good!

Over and out.

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