Saturday, January 31, 2009

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I canNOT believe it's the last day of January! Whaaaaa? Okay, I guess a little 4-day trip to TN made it go a little faster, but geesh!

I've been having so much fun with the new collection at SIStv. It's called Modern Retro and it goes on sale Monday here. I made the little recipe/mini book and I made it to hang on the cupboard handle when I'm using it. And I'll actually be using it today to make "Becca Bars", a yummy treat that was served up at the retreat. I'm actually going to make a double batch because we have a game night tonight and a church supper tomorrow, so I'm making one batch for each. The key for me will be to not eat too many!

And, I finally finished my 2008 year in review page (top). Now that I did I'm going to upload all my digi pages to Shutterfly and have them make me a hardcover book. Got get busy on that. And I gotta get busy on doing more digi pages! I started off last year doing one a week and so far this year, I've only done that one! I really love digi, so I need to set some goals for myself in that area, like maybe 2 a month. And then I'd have 24 at the end of the year, anyway.

Well, Dustin has been on the hunt for a job again. He's been filling his time working at Chris's dad's to get the house ready for sale THIS year. But that is almost over and so he's been looking for something permanent. Martha had offered him a job at the restaurant (Old Forge Brewing Company) as one of her cooks, but, for various reasons, he didn't take the job before. But one of her main guys quit and she offered the position to Dustin again and this time he took it! YAY. So he'll be working with and under Martha. Well, not actually under her, but you know what I mean. I know she'll keep him in line! We're so excited.

Last night we braved the semi-whiteout conditions and went to see Watoto - a Ugandan children's choir - at a church in Bloomsburg (after enjoying a lovely meal at the OFBC, of course). They were SO beautiful and SO energetic and were everything I hoped this concert would be. I just wanted to bring them all home with me! You can read more about them here.

Well, the sun is shining and there are mounds of mounds of sparkly white snow and HUGE icicles hanging from the eaves out back:

Those things could kill ya! But look at the color of that beautiful winter sky! Love it. Even if it was only 0 degrees when I got up this morning. It looks like we'll be getting our first "nor'easter" of the season on Tuesday. There goes my hair appointment - and Dustin's first day of work. We'll see...
And now I'm off. To put together the PowerPoint for tomorrow's Praise Sunday service. To bake the Becca Bars. And then - hopefully to scrap a little before tonight's game playing.
Happy day!

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Melonie said...

Love all of your projects Jan!