Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That photo gives me such satisfaction. It is something that I started, worked on for a whole year, and finished. All of those are my Artist's Trading Cards (ATC's). I followed the 2007 prompts of Emily Falconbridge's mini art challenge to inspire a different card each week. Yes, there were weeks where I fell behind, but I always managed to catch up. And I am SO so happy not only that I completed the cards, but for the process of creativity that the project took me through and for the invaluable memories that I can now savor. Love love love.

I can't bear to remove those cards from that holder - and I love the display so much that I've already ordered a new set of 7Gypsies cards, with a new holder, so I can do it all again. This year, I'm going to join up with Scrapgals and do their "Create '09" prompts. (If you click on the link here or on the right side of my blog, you'll need to sign in and then you'll find Create '09 in the Challenges forum in the message boards.)

I'm also getting back on track with goal-setting and lifestyle changing. I'm so excited about taking Ashley Wren's class over at SIStv. While I can't do too much physically yet - I'm recovering from both a nasty sinus infection AND a stupid, but painful, broken little toe. Who would have thought that such a little thing could cause so much pain? I broke it over two weeks ago now and there's still bruising and pain. BUT, but BUT - I CAN - and AM - working on everything else that I CAN work on! :) And with that said, I feel like I need to, um, get to WORK!

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