Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm totally diggin' this Grandma stuff. *sigh* And one of the best things is being able to see and enjoy things all over again through the eyes of a 4-year-old. It's sweet.

Last night Chris and I and Dustin, Emily and Eva and Deborah and Gary all braved the VERY cold temps to watch Williamsport's Thanksgiving Parade. Did I mention that it was EXTREMELY cold? What were we thinkin'? But, dang it, sometimes you just have to get out in it and we did. And even though we all experienced moments of pain and torture, we all also managed to have FUN!

See? Grandma No. 1 (aka "Bobbie" to Eva and "Deborah" to me) is also reliving her childhood vicariously through Eva. It's a joyful thing.

She is just one of THE most delightful and easy to delight children. I even thought that beFORE she became my granddaughter. Which makes the fact that she's my granddaughter even more wonderful. I'm smitten. Can you tell?
We all met at a little Thai restaurant for dinner beforehand. Mmmm. That was good. We chose it because, well, we all (most of us, anyway, but Chris is coming along...) like Thai food, but also because the restaurant was located on the parade route and we could easily just park once and then hang out. After the parade, we went into the Bullfrog Brewery and got a little something to warm our spirits, if not our bodies. Deborah and I got Bailey's coffees, Eva got a hot chocolate and the rest of the clan got an icy cold beer. Hmmm. Well.
Matthew and Martha were waiting for us when we got back home. They'd had car troubles and had to have the ("new") car towed back to Mel's - for the 2nd time. I won't go into the whole long story, but if that didn't make for a bad enough day, as I greeted Martha in the kitchen as they were standing over some freshly-consumed pizza, I went to wipe what I thought was a smear of pizza off her lip and here, it was a bleeding wound she'd gotten that day when a ladder fell on her face. Yikes! Poor girl. She was a little red and swollen in the nose/mouth area, but we were all so very relieved to see that her teeth had not blackened and fallen out and felt that, at this point, they probably weren't going to. So we got her bandaged up and sent them out the door at around 9:30 p.m. - Martha hadn't even been back home yet for the day.
We'll see all of our beloved children and grandpeople/pets again this weekend. They all plan on coming over to watch the PSU game this afternoon. We'll feast on leftover "pigroast" from our church's anniversary celebration in August. Time to get it out of the freezer. And tomorrow they'll be back after church to share a meal. I'm about to go make the cheesy cauliflower chowder for that meal. After I do the song service. Which is going to happen right now.
Bye. Happy weekend!

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