Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy December! First of all, feel free to click on a Christmas song over here -----> to get you in the mood! (Click "pop out" for more selections. And thanks Jody F., cuz I pretty much stole your entire playlist!) :)

I'm starting a new project today - December daily photos. And there's my first one. Yep. All the decorations have been brought downstairs and tomorrow I'll start the process - and for me it IS a process - of decorating. First up will be clearing all the decks of whatever is adorning all the display spaces at present. That in itself is a chore. Then I'll begin taking stuff out of the Christmas boxes (kinda like opening presents in and of itself!) and setting it all on my dining room table (yay! no cooking this week!). Some stuff goes in the same place year after year, but I also like to change things up, too. And, since we haven't been home for Christmas for the past two years and, therefore, I haven't decorated - and in the meantime we've purchased new living room furniture that involves fewer tables - it will be a bit of a challenge this year to see where everything will go. I may be thinning out some of the stuff, just keeping what I really really love. And that's as it should be, anyway.

On "black Friday" we went green. M&M and Chris and I went in search of trees to tag. We had success at the first place we stopped (our previous supplier no longer is...). We both ended up tagging frazier furs - theirs is a sweet size - not to small, but not too big. We got what I would guesstimate as about a 9-footer. I wanted to go big, but not dangerous this year and we tried to get something not too fat! Here's ours:
Purty, huh?
And, finally, here's a group shot of the fam and friends that we were blessed to have sitting all together around those two rented tables and 13 chairs. (A WONderful solution and one I'm SO glad I thought of.) As I sat down to eat with the buzz of everyone around me chowing down, conversing and enjoying each other, my heart felt truly full. And then, later, my stomach did, too. :)

So enough computer for one day. I have projects to finish and projects to start and tabletops to clear - and not enough time left in the day! As usual.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... I love your photos.
Great Family fun.

And what a tree....