Monday, November 17, 2008

And that's November for ya. The mums are still going, but we're getting snow squalls, too. I kinda love it. I guess I'm just a fan of all kinds of weather (except tornadoes!). Of course everyone loves perfect weather days. But I don't mind a rainy day. And brutally cold days are just an excuse to stay inside curled up with a book or a movie or your honey (or any combination thereof) especially since we have one kickarse woodstove. And I'm always excited when we get our first snow - and our first snow that sticks. Which this one won't. But we're expecting squalls all week. Chris went and had the snow tires put on the car this a.m. After having to go work all winter for 4 years, I have learned to trust the snow tires. I'm driving to cards tonight, but no worries. Besides, it will prolly only make the road just wet - in most places. Where I live in Huntersville, though, can sometimes NOT be like most places. Where there's wet roads below, there's often slick/icy roads up here.

We had an online pajama party at SIStv Friday night. Betcha didn't even KNOW you could have an online pj party! We had all sorts of games and contests - and prizes. I got to be "The Bossy Scrapper". That's a game where a Fashionista goes online (and signs in) as this anonymous persona and "bosses" all the participants around (kinda like "Simon Says") and has them use certain scrap supplies and put together a layout. Of course, everyone's layout turns out differently. Here's the one I did ahead of time, just to make sure it would all "work":

I LOVE that photo of Matthew and Taco! Since we were also presenting SIStv's "The Night Owl" collection, those of us Fashionistas that were participating were to incorporate that somehow into each of our games/challenges. So I had each person I was bossing around use a dark color for their background (like "night") and then for their title they had to have the word "owl" or "night" in the title, or something related to either of those two words. Hence, my title of "Ggrrrowl (Not)". :) Fun stuff. It took about an hour and a half to play. We all had a fun time and it wasn't toooo hard for me to step out of my comfort zone and be bossy. Heh.

Well, enough typing. I'm off to work on some projects. Chris is - of all things - golfing. Yep. Well, if he can play today, then so can I! But I'll be warmer and drier! ;)

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