Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hi, Mom! :) That's her in the sweater and me in the t-shirt. She was cold (at 75 degrees) and I was hot...

Had a really nice Thanksgiving holiday in Madison with my Mom. She was doing better as far as her shoulder problems, surgery, etc. We were able to go out a couple times. My sister and my two brothers and their families were able to come over the weekend as well. It was really so great to see everyone. I only wish it wasn't so seldom.

And for ALL the media HYPE, our travels on the two busiest (flying) travel days of the year were GREAT. No lines, the flights weren't overbooked, AND we got the exit rows on 3 of the 4 legs of flights and the 4th we sat at the front, just behind 1st class (the closest we'll ever get to it, I'm sure) and still had extra leg room there. I'm tellin' ya - that extra leg room makes all the difference in the comfort of flying. Okay, a few less inches of junk in the trunk would help, too, but, I'm just sayin'...

We're having a gorgeous, albeit chilly, November day here in PA. Day before yesterday, our well pump just stopped. So we've been without running water since then. So enjoyable - NOT! So today, the "well guy" has been here - since 9 a.m. and it's now 3:30 p.m. - fixing it. The fix is turning out to be an entire pump replacement. We had the option of putting a new motor on our existing pump which is already 14 years over the life expectancy, OR just putting in an entire new pump. The guy said that pumps CAN last up to 35-40 years. Well, now our new pump should outlive us and then it will be the next owner's problem!

I'm done with all my banking. We have Praise Team tonight and it's too late in the day to start a new layout in my wedding scrapbook. So I think I'm going to hop in the hot tub and get warm and then crash before Praise Team practice tonight!

I'm off!
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