Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Can't believe I'm blogging TWO days in a row! Wow! Well, I discovered something pretty fun and amazing today when I logged in to SIStv. That digi page that I worked so long and hard on yesterday - the two-page layout at the bottom of yesterday's post? It made the catwalk today! This will be the 3rd time my work has made the catwalk. (Catwalk = the design teams' favorite layouts of the week - out of hundreds and hundreds. SUCH an honor.) I'm flabbergasted - and feeling a little guilty because, after all, I didn't really design that page. It was the same page that everyone in my class made. I did recolor some of the elements and make a unique green page and added an extra brush here and there. And, of course, all the photos and words are all mine. But, still, a little tinge of guilt going on there.

And, in other news, Matthew sent us a new song that he composed. It's so cool. I just love his music. I'm going to try to put a link in on the right ----------> so, if there's one there, I succeeded. If not, I'll figure it out another day.


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Kari said...

Your blog looks great, Jan!! Congrats on making the catwalk :) That LO totally deserves it ... it is GORGEOUS!!!