Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yes, I can say we have officially begun winter around here! I found this template at designerdigitals.com (by Kellie Mize) and knew immediately that I wanted to use it to showcase how beautiful winter can be around here. I only need to walk out my door to see all of this! I don't mind winter cold as long as there's snow to make it beautiful. Although these photos are of winters past, we do have snow on the ground now. It's snowed twice already, so, hopefully, we'll actually have it around this year. Global warming? Pft! Not around here!

Just wanted to share the layout. I'm off to spend another day scrapping wedding photos. I only have three more 2-page layouts to do! Woohoo! I've been gathering an assortment of cool winter/Christmas projects, but at this point I think they're going to have to wait until next year...too busy now!

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Carol Dillon said...

Hi Jan
Your page is gorgeous and the scenery stunning!
Carol :-)