Sunday, November 18, 2007

My latest digi. I've been wanting to scrap this photo. I used an "action" on it and made it pretty cool looking, I think. And so now the big dilemma is - do I scrap digi or paper? For this I went digi because I was really dying to scrap it, but digi took so much less time and didn't make a mess at all! :) Oh, but I have some real paper in my room that I'm dying to use. I guess I also don't feel like I can really afford to scrap anything but the wedding album right now. (Which, I'm loving, btw.)

It has literally been snowing all day. We woke up to a slight coating and thought it would either warm up enough to turn to rain or just stop altogether. Well, it did neither! And now, we have several inches and they're calling for 4-7 inches in the higher elevations. Well, we probably already have 4, soooo. Dustin is actually spending the night because he had the truck (for work) and came here after work so he and Chris could take it to the shop to get some work done. But he said the roads were so bad that he's going to spend the night and they're going to go in the a.m.

We had SUCH a nice visit with Jorge and Aime Rodriquez, missionaries to Mexico. They also have a "jr." Jorge, which they call, suprisingly, "Junior"! He's a little doll. And they were just great and wonderful guests. Sometimes I get a little antsy thinking about all the work there is to do when you have someone (strangers, especially) spend the night and eat two meals with you. But it wasn't bad. My problem is I'm just not used to doing either cleaniing or cooking on a regular basis - yet! My house is CLEAN now (as opposed to just tidy) and I LOVE it that way! It always just takes such a load off my mind. And the meals were easy and no big deal at all. So, all in all, I'm so glad we did this and they were just great to have.

This will be a crazy week. Tomorrow I MUST get another 2-page spread done - and duplicated. Tomorrow night I have cards with Kellie and the "group". I do love that. We play pinochle (sp?) and it's just challenging enough and fun! Then Tuesday I must do our banking and the church banking AND pack because we head down to H-burg Tuesday evening to fly to Madison Wednesday. I'm starting to get that merry-go-round feeling. Because I just can't quite grasp that it's Thanksgiving THIS week! And then Thursday will come and it will BE Thanksgiving and I'll be only just getting there instead of anticipating it all this time... It's a weird feeling. Like I just can't quite get onto the merry-go-round.... But, it will all happen regardless.

Maybe I'll blog from Madison.... Off and running!

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