Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We're havin' a heat wave....

I used to have this game when I was a kid called "Park and Shop". I loved that game and always did very well. The idea was to choose "errand" cards and then maneuver your way around the board to get your errands done before the other players. This actually could be one of the things that greatly influenced my need for organization. No - wait - it was my perfectionistic parents. Oh, well. I did well at the game and any time I have a day like this (which, now that I'm "retired", I guess I will be every Tuesday - my "errand" day!) I think of that game. Here's how it went: McD's (ok - I admit that I love their sausage biscuits and the iced coffee didn't hurt, either); AC Moore to spend my 50% off coupon; Big Lots to check for a hammock pillow (got one); Wal Mart for the usual and then some; Merrill Lynch to make a deposit and ask Christine a question; and, finally, Wegman's to get groceries. I actually spent less money than I deposited! :)

But, DANG - it was HOT out there! I can't believe I ever drove a car without air conditioning. Man, if I didn't have that for all my running around, I'd be as melted as a box of chocolates left on the back seat while I did my shopping would have been.

Here's a sample of some new stuff I made:

I got the idea for these tags from one of the fabulous "Fashionistas" (i.e. design team members) on ScrapInStyleTV - my fave new scrapping website. The whole site has a "fashion" theme going on. And one of the cool things they do is weekly "webisodes" that feature interviews with scrapping "personalities" or projects, whatever. So last week there was one that featured a project using old (or "vintage" as I like to say) record albums to make postcards. I needed some tags and translated the idea to tags. They turned out pretty well and so funny with the whole fashion theme going on...

Well, now I'm going downstairs where it's cool to crash in front of the tube...relief!

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Mrs. Barlow said...

Those tags are awesome!
I never meant for those photos of me to be published, but boy, am I HOT!