Friday, July 13, 2007

The heat wave has finally broken. I feel like I can breathe again! Ahhhhh...

So here's what's happening on my Friday the 13th:

.slept in 'til 8:15

.had a lovely (UNhot and humid)devotion time on the front porch with my rye toast and cuppa coffee

.fixed a 2nd cuppa and watched 2 whole, lovely, uninterrupted hours of scrapbooking on QVC (yes, I bought one thing)

.hopped in the car with Chris to head to Williamsport. I got my hair cut while Chris ran to ML to make a deposit.

.visited the brand spankin' new scrapbooking store which was, like, a block from where I got my hair cut (I will be back!)

.went to the "Homemade Days" in Brandon Park where we hunted up Judy, who is selling some jewelry she made. I bought these:

Aren't they cool? The rest of the day should pan out as follows:

.Chris is making pizza (from scratch) while I scrap (if I get off the computer in time!)

.a little more scrapping after supper and then i have to watch "What Not to Wear" on TLC.

.must make myself stay up uber-late b'cause there's two MORE hours of scrappin' on the Q at 1 a.m.! (Thankfully, I can sleep in Saturday all I want!)

Sounds like a pretty good day! Hope yours was, too!
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