Saturday, July 07, 2007

My sweet little Rocky... Isn't he a cutie? Hard to believe he's 13 years old!

What am I doing up so late? It seems like this terrible habit I've had lately. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I chugged a huge soda while watching "Transformers" earlier this evening at the movies. (My review: super-fantastic if you like great effects, lots of crash-bang action and really big metallic monsters. I think I prefer the fuzzy ones.)

I've been having so much fun (another reason I'm up so late) playing at my favorite new scrapping website ScrapInStyleTV. It's a great, positive and fun place. And I found out tonight that I have a chance to win this new book - by leaving a comment at Nic Howard's blog, here. I'd love to win it because it's all about the kind of scrapping I like to do the most - scrapping the ordinary, everyday things in life. (Did ya notice the name of my blog - or see the previous post and scrap page? See what I mean?)

Off to bed - finally!

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