Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some pretties blooming on my deck:

I love how, in that top photo, the orange flowers look kind of spikey, harsh, but they open up to be gorgeous. And this one, right above. Wow, It's so lovely, so pure and fresh looking. Just love those. I forget what they're called.

We've been having some cloudy weather, with sparse rain lately. The rain could definitely step it up a bit, we really need more. People's wells are getting low and up in Williamsport the grass is brown and crunchy. At least here, in the woods, we manage to stay fairly green.

I'm still in super-scrapbooking mode. Still working on the circle journals that I'm in. Well, one anyway. The other one has hit a snag, but, hopefully it will resume soon. The delay allows me to work more on the other one, for which I have 8 more layouts to prepare - by August 25th. I don't think that will be a problem at this point because, thank the Lord, I have TIME!

I'm loving having time. Free time. Yes, I have the regular things I must do and maintain, but they're not very demanding right now, which is great because I'm craving all this free time. Tonight I was even perusing my new Cooking Light magazine and pulling out recipes I want to make! I do have cleaning/organization urges, but the scrapping is taking precedence over that right now and not working up a sweat is equally appealing. I think I'll save the cleaning for the cooler weather.

And now - it's TIME - for bed!

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