Monday, July 16, 2007

Sure do love those to see them to hear them play music that they love each other. And it may be happening on a more regular basis sooner than later because now the latest on the front from M&M is that they may be moving back to - not only our half of the USA, but, well, possibly even our half of the house. Ok, it won't be quite that intimate, well, maybe for a while, but I have all confidence that they WILL want to get their OWN place soon enough after moving here. (Hear me, you guys???) :) No, seriously - heck, yeah! I am serious!

Well, I can't really let myself wrap my mind around it because, what if? Nope. Can't go there yet. I'll still have to see it to believe it...

So I've walked twice now in the last 3 days. (It'll never happen on Sunday a.m.) And I am eating better. I really want to make a change - I must.

So, anyway, Chris and I go to the fair tonight. For what purpose? To eat nothing but greasy fried crap. WHY, oh why do I do that to myself. Because I'm certainly sitting here regretting it now. My tummy is NOT happy with me! And, sorry for the details, but I'm sure I'm gonna - well, let's just say I think I'll take a good magazine and place it in the bathroom this evening before I go to bed. A magazine that I'll be interested in looking at for a while.... Ew.

Oh, in that scrap page up there, I actually made the pattern on the paper with all the letters. I stuck a bunch of alphabets down on white cardstock, then inked over them and then removed the stickers, revealing the white underneath. It was time consuming, but I really like how it turned out.

Well, I'm off to bed. and to get my magazine. for later. ugh.

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