Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I went with the Longwood Gardens entry (see previous blog). After I did that post, I walked back into my scrap room and saw that layout there and, well, I decided I really liked it and it was the most original of the two.

Soooo, Friday I find out if I made it through to the next round. This is kind of like "survivor"! I'm doing WAY better at this survivor than I would at the real one. If I ever made it onto the real Survivor show, (ha! as IF....) I would, like, stash something illegal - like a big fat Snickers bar - in my stuff and then let someone "accidentally" find it on the first day so that I'd get kicked off the show and then could spend the rest of the month in the luxury hotel while they finished taping the show. I mean, if I actually stayed on the show and WON the million (again - HA!), I'd spend the money on a month-long trip to a tropical island luxury resort anyway - so why not just cut out all the other stuff?

Okay - it's my second day back to work. I worked an extra half hour and then came straight home and did my banking, which I didn't finish because I had to go eat dinner (which my dear hubby cooked) and then went straight to Wednesday church and then came straight home to finish my banking. Which I did and now I'm bleary-eyed and blogging!

That's enough for now!

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