Monday, August 28, 2006

Back to work.

That's where I've been. I started blogging, interestingly enough, while at work last spring. The whole DSL and grab a minute here thing was enticing since I have dial-up at home (read: endless frustration on the internet). So I thought my blogging would pick up when I got back to work on the 15th. But nooooo. There's such a thing as B U S Y !!

So, I'm sneaking in a minute during my lunch hour. No pics, sorry.

We went to a pretty good celtic music festival this past weekend. It was held at a little winery out in some very pretty country south of us about an hour. So there was a wine tasting tent, which was fun. We heard some downright good Irish trad music and some "Irish Rock" as well. It was a fun time. Went with friends.

I was gonna have Chris pick me up two giant plastic storage bins so I could pack away some stuff (candle stuff) in my scrap room in the hopes of spreading out a bit. (Maybe I should consider getting less stuff - NOT!) But all I really needed to do was throw out a bunch of stuff and re-arrange a bit and - voila - two whole shelves became available! I love it when that happens. And it was just the right amount of space I was in need of.

I REALLY need to do this is every area of my house. (Dang - what happened to the summer?) Just think of all the extra room and sleek bare surfaces I would unearth. I do love throwing stuff out. Just crappy stuff. Why do I have so much of it is the question....

Back to work....

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