Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Here's a sneak peek at my 1st "Last Scrapper Standing" dare.

The challenge was to journal right on your photo.

In case you can't read it, my journaling says: "Matthew, you look so pensive in this photo - are you reflecting on all the decisions you've made that have brought you to this place in time? Are there things going through your mind even now that will influence the coming changes? Or are you just standing there blown away by the rugged, awesome beauty of this place, this Ireland? Does your presence here seem surreal? Ponder away, son. Your future is shining with promise. You are but a reflection of my hopes and dreams."

I like it. I love the journaling and I like how it turned out - how everything is about reflection. I especially like the clear acrylic letters that are upside-down, like a reflection of the title. (And there's an "m" on the raised part with Matthew in it.)

I'm loving doing the "dares", the challenges. Food for thought, chance for growth. I'm all over that.

Tomorrow's the big post to 2p's. We'll see what happens...

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