Monday, December 28, 2009

The Post of Christmas Past

We had a lovely Christmas day. It started off with Chris and I alone at home. We had coffee, opened up our "half" stockings... Okay, short story here. We'd decided mid-year  or so not to do anymore stockings, except for just the little girls. In an effort to just cut back a bit and simplify a bit and not obligate everyone else to them. But, as usual, Chris had already begun his stocking shopping - for me. He starts in, like, January, for pete's sake! I didn't know this, but as I put out my Christmas decorations in early December, I hung up all our stockings - cuz, well, they're CUTE! And as I glanced at them from time to time over the next few days, I thought maybe I'd sneak a few little things into Chris's stocking anyway - since it was going to be just us on Christmas morning. Then I found out that he'd already gotten me some stuff. So I said not to get me anymore and then I got a few things for Chris. So, back to Christmas morning, we both had a few things in there and, it was really nice. I love stockings.

And we had a giftie for each of the pets so, as we munched on our cinnamon rolls, we watched them play. Well, actually, a full-on cat fight almost took place, but everyone settled down once I picked up the catnip-stuffed mice off the floor. Geesh.

I got on the computer (of course) and "ran into" Matthew on facebook, so I got the condo number where they were in FL and we called and talked to them. 

We'd been invited to Dustin and Emily's for dinner AND brunch, so we headed down there around 11 a.m. Eva met us at the door all lovely and excited. So, after we unloaded all the loot, we gave her and Maggie their stockings. Of course, Eva had fun helping Maggie with hers, too.

Dustin had made two DEEEElicious quiches. So we had those and then meandered back to the living room to open gifts. There's just nothing like watching the excitement of a child on Christmas morning. Eva helped Maggie with her gifts, too. Maggie really loved the wrapping paper. And pretty much anything that she could grab and stick in her mouth. She was SO animated and drooly all day. She and Emily did grab a little nap. Emily had a headache, but she was able to at least be downstairs with us all day and that was great. The Mags was quite congested, but she was happy happy happy.

At one point Dustin got out his guitar and Chris picked up the mandolin. D & E had gotten Eva a harmonica, so she joined in and, no lie, they really sounded GOOD! Chris got a video of it, you can see here.

Dustin did a pork roast on the grill and we had that along with a twice-baked potato casserole and - my fave - brussels sprouts. Dinner was YUMMY! We cleaned up and it was about 8 p.m by this time, so we headed home.

Here's some photos of the day:


So, here it is, Monday. Eva came and spent the night with us on Saturday and went to church with us Sunday. Then, we went down to Kellies to experience the mass pandemonium there. No really, it wasn't that bad. Bill and Julia, Ryan and family, Cathy and family and Beth and family were all there. Speaking of Cathy and family, that Sebastian - oh my goodness, he is so incredibly darling and such a sweet sweet boy. We hung out there and then took Eva home around 7 p.m. and headed home.

Beth and John and girls spent the night here. I woke up to a very strange thing. I think they call it a "sunrise". Wow. Very pretty. I should get up to see that more often! There's a dusting of snow - hope that's all we get, because M&M come home via the H-burg airport this afternoon. We're gonna do up a big breakfast this a.m. And then, after B & J take off late a.m., I need to get to work on finishing up M&M's handmade gift. We're going to exchange gifts with them on Wednesday.

I'm off!

Edited to add: I was just emailed that the mini calendars I made for gifties were posted on Little Dreamer Designs' blog. I got the digi kit (by Michelle Filo) there and had posted my project in their gallery! How cool! I'll show all my handmade Christmas projects in an upcoming post - after they're all given to the recipients! (After Wednesday) But you sneakie peek at the calendars by clicking on the link! Cool!


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