Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Still Can

It's soooo nice to know that, now that I'm no longer a Fashionista, I can still make the catwalk over at SIStv. I still love that community so much, but ever since I stepped down from the wonderful design team, I've barely been a presence there. MY loss, too! But we did a LOT of traveling at the end of the summer on into the fall. And then I started working on Christmas presents (boy am I glad I started as early as I did!). I haven't even made a scrapbook layout ONCE in all that time. Mini albums, projects and stuff, yes, but no layouts. (But more on that in a later post...) I'm DYING to get back to it and I WILL - as soon as all the Christmas stuff is over with.

Here's the little project that I got on the catwalk for:

I made a whole bunch of 'em - 12 to be exact:

Some are for my "card ladies" - we exchanged gifties (9 of us) on Monday night and I sent one to my Mom and 2 are for friends and that leaves one - for ME! Here's another peek:

These puppies began as a digital kit. I printed out the little pages with the calendar on them, cut them out and then embellished away. They were much more time-consuming than I'd planned for - but, oh, SO much fun! You can see the whole calendar and the credits here

So, thanks so much, Becca, dahling, for choosing my project for the catwalk. It means a lot to me that I can still "get there"! And I plan on get back to some much better SIStv time in the new year - not to mention being inspired all over again by the amazing artists there! Love 'em!

In other news, Matthew and Martha left this morning for Florida. Martha's sib's are all gathering there at her dad's for Christmas. I know they'll have a great time and, after all the Florida warmth - sunshine or not - I know they'll come back looking forward even more to their move back to AZ. Bah!

For Chris and I, it will be the first Christmas - in forever, I think - that we will be alone, just the two of us, on Christmas morning. I'm not gonna pretend - it will be strange. We ARE invited down to Dustin and Emily's to spend much of the day with them and the girls. I'm REALLY looking forward to that! I haven't seen the Mags in a couple weeks and, dang!, I miss her! Can. Not. Wait. That will be all the "Christmas" I need! Truly.

Today, we're cleaning up the house. I have to admit, I'll enjoy having things picked up. Okay. I'll LOVE having things picked up. We LOVE having M&M here, and if I had to choose them over a neat house, well, the choice is obvious. Sorry, M&M. No, just kidding. But, I DO enjoy a neat house. My mind is just much clearer.

And then we'll be wrapping gifts. Playing a little Christmas music. And then Chris has a bunch of stuff to do and while he's gone/busy, I will actually be starting his Christmas gift. Oy. NOTHING like waiting till the last minute! But, it's just the way it worked out. I haven't started M&M's gift yet, either - but at least I have till next Wednesday, when they're back and we're exchanging our gifts, to get that done.

SO - a big day, a busy day. I predict I'll be working into the night. Because tomorrow I have to do the banking stuff - I sure don't want to be doing it on Christmas day... I guess there's always Saturday, but that's too much to leave for Saturday...

I probably won't post again till after the big day - so, many wonderful blessings to you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

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