Thursday, December 03, 2009

Crankin' up to BUSY!

Just a quickie post today. I've got the church finances and my own finances (bill paying, checkbook balancing, robbing Peter to pay Paul, etc.) to get to in a minute. And so much more. I've had my quiet time today - but, admittedly, it was hard to concentrate with all that's swimming around in my mind. Not the least of which is that I was in the midst of a horrible nightmare last night when God graciously awoke me before I got to the part where I would be screaming out loud and then Chris would have to wake me. Thank you, Lord. But that didn't stop the utter feeling of terror flooding over my body - it almost felt like nausea. I got up and went to the bathroom and came back to bed and turned on the light to read a magazine for a while in the hopes of getting the horrid images out of my mind. Just about that time a big ol' windy storm blew up, pelting the roof with rain and stuff blowing off the trees. Oy. I just prayed that God would remove that dream from my mind and bring me peaceful sleep. I'm so grateful that He did.

So, I've done my Wii Active 6-wk challenge workout this morning. I'll tell ya. I am SO inspired by those "Biggest Loser" people. When stuff hurts (like my feet in the skipping rope part) I just keep thinking of all the hard work they pushed themselves to do. I'm just hating the way I'm looking in photos and I'm re-determined - again - (redundant, I know) to get GOING. I even walked yesterday even though I think I have a mild case of walking pneumonia. It was a good cardio workout today and I came upstairs afterwards sweating. Yay. Yay for sweat. Yeah.

So, all the boxes of Christmas decorations are sitting in my living room. And I'm in the midst of working on handmade Christmas projects. (Obviously, I can't post photos here...) There's SO much to do and I'm starting to feel the panic of not getting it all done. Okay, breeeeeaaaaatttthhhhhe, Jan. Tonight there's Praise Team practice and I know I can't sing right now. That should be interesting.

So, here's my "to do" list for the rest of the day:
  1. Church banking
  2. Personal bankin
  3. Work on calendar project
  4. "Un"decorate living room area
  5. Clean off surfaces
  6. Put together Praise Sunday song service
  7. Help make dinner
  8. Go to Praise Team Practice
Let's see how much of that I can get done. Let's see if I can start by getting off this computer! :)

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