Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Winter!

Yes, we've finally had some snow. We were all so excited to see it come, too, after seemingly summer-like weather (at least, more summer-like, almost, than summer itself!) for most of November. Of course, the first order of business was to build a snowman and, being that it was a very wet snow, he came together really well. However, just as he seemed to be sinking into a deep depression, a cold blast came through and froze his drooping little head in place. He looks like he needs a little encouragement, a little talking-to, a little counseling, a little anti-depressant, doesn't he? Too funny! :)

This is some of the lovely goodness that happens when it's Martha's night to cook. She made three pizzas from scratch this past week; traditional, carmelized onion with bbq chicken and an apple-feta combo with other yummy stuff thrown in there. Yeah, deeeelish!

And we were all SO excited and happy for Martha who showed (and sold) her fabulous Christmas "to-diarama-for" boxes at the 1st Friday event at Trimtex. It was all so fun and festive and everyone just loved her work. Here's a little sample of one of her boxes:

They're so festive and happy, aren't they?

Well, speaking of festive and happy, Eva has joined us for the evening. She'll spend the night and go to church with us tomorrow. And then we're having a little Christmas "talent show" tomorrow tonight including skits, songs from the kids and special numbers. I'll be singing "It's Christmastime" by Caedmon's Call with my friend Carol and with Matthew accompanying on guitar. In fact, he'll be playing all the congregational hymns. Should be great. I hope the predicted freezing rain doesn't materialize.

Off to play with Eva now while Matthew and Martha whip up a lovely smoked chicken dinner! Yum!


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Michelle said...

Hi Jan! Just dropping by to say hi and I miss you!!!