Monday, December 08, 2008

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So - I've been a busy girl! Okay, not decorating my house, like I was supposed to be, but, still. I found out last week that, due to the fact that SIStv doesn't really have a digi boutique anymore, and us "digi" FGirls (Fashionistas; Design Team members, etc.) weren't getting much to work on, and a few of the other girls have left the team for various reasons, I'm now a "regular old" Fashionista. Which means I will get the full-on SIStv paper collections with which I will make lovely layouts and projects in an effort to promote said collection and inspire members of SIStv. (I'm SO excited about this, too!) SO - my first collection came on Thursday and it's releasing this week, so I needed to get busy scrapping. Oh, what a hard, hard world I live in.... And those are the layout/projects I made with the collection. It's called "The Girl Next Door". The red, aqua and white are my very FAVORITE winter color combo.

In other news, I had just a lovely day yesterday. Well, it did start out nicely with a great Praise Sunday service. But I had to come home and drink a whole entire gallon of salty/sweet laxative liquid. Do you KNOW how much a gallon is? I daresay, not too many people drink that much liquid in a weekend, much less ONE day. It was definitely a matter of mind over matter, but I got through it. I started at about 12:30 when I got home from church and forced down the last glass around 7:30. UGH!!! I performed its intended purpose quite nicely - which, shall I say, made for quite a restless afternoon. I had to get up at 6 a.m. this morning to perform other bowel-related duties before being whisked off for my 2nd ever colonoscopy. Now THAT part was a breeze! We stopped for lunch at Perkins afterwards and I've been living in a little envelope of comfy, cozy fuzziness ever since. I could definitely go down and take a little nap. I need to make one card first and then I will. They told me not to do ANYthing today, nor to make any decisions, but I don't think they were referring to me deciding which patterned paper or stamp design to use... I think I'll be fine! They did remove a small polyp and some surrounding tissue, so I'll find out Monday at the dr's. whether or not I have six months or less to live or not ... I'm not worried. :)

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