Friday, July 04, 2008

Granddog in the houuuze! Oh, yeah. Look at that cutie. I can't even quit taking photos of him. (That's Taco.) And he did bring his mommie and daddie with him. So, after months of anticipation and prayer, Matthew & Martha & Taco have landed - and we are just beyond happy about it. (I have to say that b'cause they're gonna see this...) ;)

Seriously, though, they had an uneventful trip across country over the weekend and arrived safely at our door at around 3:15 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. I know the transition away from AZ, though their choice, won't be easy for them. And it's my prayer that they will grow to love it here even half as much. Um, no, not really. I want them to love here even more! But, you can't force that kind of thing.... We're just so thrilled to have both of our children and their families within our very grasp. We'll soak it up and enjoy it just as long as we can, because it means the world to us....

It's a crappy looking 4th of July so far. Chilly. I don't know if the fireworks will happen or not because it may rain. But, we're kinda just hangin' today and taking it easy and we'll see what happens later. I've finally got some scrap time, so I'm eating that up, too.

And - I'm really excited about this - I decided to take a photography class offered at SIStv by one of our design team members. And it has proved to rock my photographic world. It has absolutely made ALL the difference in my understanding of my SLR digi camera. Like, as in, before I had NONE, and now I know what in the heck I'm supposed to be doing. In MANUAL mode, even! Thank you, thank you, Courtney - you have just given me my new camera!

Having said that, though you're going to see the quality of my photos improving, I still need a LOT of practice! But at least now I know what in the heck I'm supposed to be practicing! :) I'm a happy girl! I'm sure I'll make all my subjects very sick of me - but it will be worth it because I'll have all these GORGEOUS photos - of them scowling at me!

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Rhi said...

oh goodness.
he is too cute.
happy 4th for you, jan :)