Wednesday, June 25, 2008

That's one of the pages for the on-going album I'm doing for my Mom. I try to add a double-sided page to it once a month. Love the quote. And that's a freshly-rained-upon rhododendron on the bush in my front yard. Love that color!

June has been hot and cool and often rainy. We haven't had to water the plants on our deck very much ourselves - God has provided! But that makes everything lush and green. The skies have been a gorgeous blue and the clouds that come in late afternoon are always interesting. I haven't had any hammock time yet - it really needs to be quite warm for that. And most of our warm weather came was I was busy getting ready to go to TN. But, I'm sure we'll get more.

Right now, we're in VBS week. We have it at night now. I didn't think I would like that at first, but I'm a believer now. First of all it's a whole hour shorter - which suits my energy level just fine. But with it being in the evening, I can still get done during the day what I need to and then mosey on over to VBS after a light supper and hang out when I wouldn't have been doing much at home then anyway...

I got a birthday present in the mail this week - a new fixed 50mm f/1.8 lens for my Canon Rebel Xti. I can see that I'm going to need to figure a few things out with this lens - like what to set the f-stop at to get a crisp photo and where to stand (there's no zooming on this one). But already, I'm LOVING this lens! It lets in a lot of light - great for low-light situations. And it's FAST, so it stops action wonderfully. Here's a photo I took last night while my class was having recreation time:

So fun! Love how the boys have just landed and are caught at quite the interesting angle! :)

Tomorrow Emily and Deborah are coming up to finalize the invitations for the wedding, so I need to get at least one of my banking/bill-paying obligations done today. And I will be making a "little" sign to hang on my front porch oh, around next Tuesday...

And - I need to get some scrapping done. I must say, "I need to get some work done" because I DO have committments to keep! And then when you see me gleefully playing in my scrap room (or on the computer) then you'll know I'm really "working"! :)

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