Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holy time warp, can it really be June 19th already?

Okay, I've been to TN and back now and have met so many of my fabulous SISters at SIStv, and almost all of my fellow design team members (aka Fashionistas) AND my adorable "boss" lady, the owner of SIStv, Jeanette (aka JJ). It was really surreal. When I first entered JJ's house, a lot of the Fashionistas were already there and they'd just had a little meeting with JJ, so they were all lined up right inside the door. There were all these faces that I recognized, but women I'd never met in person before. So it was kind of like they were all movie stars or something. Then we had the hug-fest and it was like going through a reception line at a wedding. Overwhelming and wonderful all at the same time.

I'm in awe at JJ and Bob's hospitality. They opened their home to 20-plus women, kept the kids under wraps, JJ's mom (Nancy, aka Mona) fed us and there were places for everyone that spent the night to lay their bodies. It was a crazy, messy, BUSY, fun time and we were all welcomed and made to feel at home. I never once saw their children complain - they were all smiles and adorable. JJ is THE woman!

The event was crazy busy and a ton of work from the fashionista's perspective - but also, for me and I'm sure many others, extremely gratifying to not only be able to help make this 1st anniversary happen, but also to meet so many fabulous women. From the SISters' perspective, I've heard it was a blast beyond compare. Sooo gratifying to know. I came home absolutely exhausted, but very, very full.

I didn't get much scrapping done at all and I knew I wouldn't. I got most of the page above done at the event - finished it off this a.m. The layout feature's Audrey Neal's new Morning Glory digi collection, soon to be available at the SIStv Digi Boutique. I also tried to work on a really cute coupon book that JJ taught in her class, but I was just too distracted. Besides meeting all the women, the other highlight of the event was to see other scrappers - and mighty talented ones at that - in the creative process. Sweet.

It was hotter than holy heck down in TN, but now that I'm back in PA, we are having a major cool down, so that is really a relief. THIS is the week that we WOULD have been renting our cabin up in Blackwell had I not gone to TN, so that turned out well. We're hoping for hot hot hot weather when we're up there in mid-July so we can take advantage of the fabulous swimming hole right in front of the cabin...

Next week is VBS - each night. I didn't really think I would like doing it at night, but it's actually great because you still have your day free. And then VBS happens when you weren't really doing much of anything anyway, except hangin' out on a summer evening.

And next week - on the 27th, Matthew and Martha will begin their cross-country trek to PA, leaving AZ behind, at least as a place of residence. I know they will miss it. There will be times they will wonder what in the heck they were thinking (like when it's 95 and 100% humidity here or when it's gray and icy and the wind chill is at 0 degrees). But we will be unspeakably thrilled to have them here. And I think we all agree that it really isn't about the weather, it's about family and being together. We will have both of our children - and their families (including fiances, wives, children and pets) within our immediate reach - just joy that we will soak up every single day... I can't wait.

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