Thursday, June 26, 2008

(Credits: lavendar paper, Acrylic Hearts - Audrey Neal (Iconic); turquoise paper - Audrey Neal (Outlook); Stitching - Audrey Neal (Drama Queen); Title Alphie (Dandelion) - Audrey Neal (GitRDone - recolored); Title Alphie - (in the) - Audrey Neal (Morning Glory) - All available at the Digital Boutique at SIStv. Also - grass brush - AnaRasha; Frame - Kate Pertiet (SnapFrames); Fonts - Bleeding Cowboys (wind); SBC Distressed Typewriter (poem); PSE Action: Photoblast Pro Rose Gold)

Here's a new digi I did. If you click on the layout itself, you'll be much better able to read the little poem up in the corner of the layout - just perfect for that sweet photo of Eva.

Well, the movers came and picked up Matthew and Martha's boxed goods today. Whew. Now let's just pray it doesn't weigh too much and that they (the movers) properly label it and get the right stuff delivered to Muncy! Tomorrow's clean up on East Valley Lane in Rimrock, AZ and then they will say their good-bye's tomorrow night and head to PA on Saturday. May God protect them and deliver them safely to Muncy - as they are most precious cargo to us!

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